Timesheet Software

To keep track of everyone’s attendance, you have to keep track of attendance of all of your staff and also have to manage how much time each person is work so you can make a effective compensation. This process can be very tedious.

EZY-HR is one of the top Timesheet Software that can save you and your company a lot of time and reduce errors by do it manually or in MS-Excel spreadsheet.



  • By doing on our web-based system that very easy and user-friendly
EZY-HR Web-based Cloud HRIS
Easy-to-Use Web-based System
EZY-HR iPad mini iPhone
EZY-HR on Ipad mini
  • Can Interface with many Finger Scanner by import Excel, Text, CSV File directly into the system
timesheet software finger scan import
Finger Scan MS-Excel import
  • Reduce time spent managing staff attendance
  • Can generate the report of individual
Individual Timesheet Software Report
Individual Timesheet Report
  • You can access your data and anywhere and anytime
  • Automated e-mailing of notification
  • Configurable, fine-grained, approval system
  • Management overview in the Dashboard

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